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California Tenant Defense : : Legal Help for the Underdog

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Call “The Hotline” and speak to Attorney Vincent Davis, at the rate of $4.99 per minute. For instant advice or second opinion about your case.

We can help you ANYWHERE in California.

Your landlord has served you with an eviction notice or you now have the actual lawsuit in your hands (an “Unlawful Detainer”). We know that you are feeling scared and overwhelmed. You are taken by surprise. There is NO WAY you are ready to pick up and move. With our help YOU CAN FIGHT EVICTION!

Sometime you can actually STOP an Eviction; minimally you can buy MORE time (typically 30 to 75 days) so that you can move on YOUR TERMS – NOT your Landlords!

Your Landlord has Attorneys working for him!
Shouldn’t you?

With California Tenant Defense on your side you have access to an experienced, quality, California Legal Team of Tenant’s Rights Attorneys who can help you fight for your rights, buy more time to find a new home — oftentimes totally stop an eviction!

How Does it Work?

2 –PAY for a 1/2 Hour Consultation with a California Tenant’s Rights’ Lawyer.3 –CALL us to schedule your consultation. We know time is critical. We will likely talk you the very same day.

1 – FAX or “Scan & Fax” your Notice, Letter or Unlawful Detainer Summons with a summary of your situation to us right away!

Following the consultation, if you decide to have us draft the necessary court papers, we will do so right away and then FAX them to you, send you a PDF file that you can print out, or overnight them to you saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal expenses while providing you expert legal services. You’ll sleep better having taken a pro-active approach to this awful situation. Your Landlord was expecting you, like 95% of tenants, to meekly “go away” with no fuss!

When tenants “Fight Back” most “surprised landlords” have to sit down and consider the time, the trouble and that huge potential invoice from their overpriced attorney to actually see their challenge through to the end. Many Notices to Quit are nothing more than your landlord playing poker with their tenants. Why not? After all, threatening an eviction will send 95% of renters headed for the hills with no fuss. That said, when a renter actually responds and “answers” an unlawful detainer; many landlords will stop to “re-think” their objection to you living there. You might be surprised to get a call call from your landlord offering a compromise or an outright apology: “Gee, I didn’t mean for this to get out of hand, can I suggest we agree to……” While it might not happen for you – it does happen! We hear about it all the time… Whatever your landlord does – your choice to fight back can buy critical time for you to save money, look for a new place, arrange for help to move, and take back control of this situation: move out on your terms and your time table.